March 17, 2014

Great sign.  I’ve heard it twice now.

Yesterday I was at a BBQ and talking with a lady who works for Morgan Stanley. I was telling her about my plans to move for a TV job and she said — “Well, that could prove to be very lucrative for you”


That’s a funny comment – as the first comment to say to someone when they tell you that.

But so be it, she said it.  And it was great.

And then someone posted this under my video about Illuminati and Dark Forces – How I was being exposed to some dark stuff, etc.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 5.54.51 PMSo she says “very lucrative” for you… and this guy says “you suddenly became extremely wealthy and powerful”

Okay, so two signs.

Now my mental mind says — oh Blaire, don’t get your hopes up and you’re reading into the signs.

But I’ve been following these signs for years now – and documenting them here — and they are omens to what happens.

So really?

Really, really?

I’m ready.

This is exciting.

What will be that opportunity?

Yes please! 🙂