November 18, 2012

I am highly creative.  I know this.  BUT in recent years I don’t think I have really been expressing myself to my full potential.  In fact, I know I haven’t.  I’ve been too busy with work and too busy with my intimate relationship.  Although I write and make videos through my business… that’s back to doing it for work.  I have painted a lot and drawn on furniture and wood canvas, but many times this is related to spiritual growth – putting my lessons in paint.

What I am talking about now is using my creativity for me.  Solely me.  And it feels good.  What I have been doing lately is something I never thought I would really be doing – and that’s cooking.

Usually I throw things together.  I complain a lot about cooking and how I don’t have time or interest in it.  Although I do like cooking up a full meal when I have time and nothing else pressing… and although I tried to do this once a week.. it never really happened, until now.

I find myself more and more into health research (this has been a hobby of mine since I became a vegetarian in 2005) – and before that I was very involved in research on exercise – mainly, lifting (as I used to be a personal trainer… again, another hobby of mine) – but lately I’ve been more into food.

There are things that have been on my list for a long time to do… eat more natural… eat more veggies (I’m no longer a vegetarian)… and grow a garden.

And lately, since I have been doing so much clearing and following of my heart… I’ve been guided to cook more.  I’ve had more time to cook.  I have been making up meal plans and playing with ingredients, and really impressed with my skills.  Plus I really enjoy it.

I feel more love for myself when I feed myself right.  I feel more love when I make excellent food choices.  I feel more relaxed and in the flow when I am cooking.  It’s my creativity – not used in a way to build my business (although it definitely impacts) … and not used for my spiritual growth (although again, everything is related and it is a spiritual practice to love and care for yourself)… it’s my creativity used for the enjoyment of creation.  For being in the flow.  For caring and loving myself.

I love it.  Really, truly – love it.

It has boosted my confidence as well… cause I know I am loving myself from the inside out (by the foods I am putting in my body…. and the time I am taking to care for myself in this way)

It’s really beautiful and I am really proud of myself.