November 19, 2012

Related to that last post and general business practices, I’m not explaining myself anymore.  I have developed this habit a long time ago to try to get my family members to understand me and side with me.

Not doing it anymore.

I noticed how I started doing this with the way I run my business.

Even with this last post of boundaries, I had a vision of me explaining to… everyone (! are you kidding me!) who asked as to why I don’t do emails in between sessions.

But you know, I don’t need to explain myself anymore – and you know what, it’s really none of their business.

This is my business.  It’s my life and I don’t need to explain myself anymore.

I used to think it was a way I was being caring to another, but now I see it as a weak stance and it only brings on more questions and more people butting in and giving advice where I don’t want it.

This is a good one 🙂