May 11, 2013

So here’s the thing I am currently mulling over in my mind.  About the difference between attracting love and attracting more money.

Well, when I was attracting love — partnering with the Universe to attract love, I didn’t have a deadline.  HAHA!  I just got the amazing joke with this one.  Actually there was a deadline.  I did have a deadline!  Oh my, thank you so much for encouraging me to write this post.  I was writing it a bit in my journal but wanted to document it on the site.


You see, I was going to complain here — the poor me — mind trying to figure things out issue — saying that when you want to attract “the One” there is no deadline, you find it whenever you find it.  There’s no urgency.

And then I was going to compare that to attracting money — partnering with the Universe to attract money.  And I was going to say, but I DO have a deadline with attracting more money.  That I need it before the end of the month.  I have bills.  And I don’t want to ask my parents for help, I don’t even think at this point they’d say yes since I don’t speak to them and things have been rocky – and I have no one else to ask.

BUT I just had a huge realization.  Oh my, thank you so much!!

Amazing cause I pulled the EPIPHANY CARD this morning / HIGHER SELF and this is what it was referring too… thank you so much!!!

I feel safe now.  I feel loved.  I feel taken care of.  I feel totally relaxed in my guidance.


I had it set 6 months from the time I put up the website

And at first I remember it was crazy on how many dates I was going on.  I was so busy doing, doing.  So lots of dates, learning lessons, quickly getting through things that first month.  That was July into August.

I remember I was quickly tired.

Then in oh gosh, when was it?  I think it was within that first month or maybe in the second month, I went to a tv shooting and met a guy there — and then was in a relationship with him.

I was divinely guided to the project and to him!

The prayer was answered.  At least the answers were starting to come — on how to attract love by partnering with the Universe.

And from there I kept upgrading, getting a fuller picture, getting more understanding — and by the time I was at my 6 month mark, I had already dated 2 of my soulmates and was in a relationship (I think) — I have to look up timelines, but I’m pretty sure.

I was guided from one “One” to the next.


So now I am doing it again with finances, except now no one is watching me through the process.  BUT I am watching myself.  I guess this is more private for me.  More nervewracking.

Okay –lesson learned.

1 – I am being guided

2 – Spirit DOES understand deadlines.  (Ah, big breathe of air)

3 – I was taking from one manifestation to the next.


Spirit pushed me real hard to do this Singles Expo.  I asked several times after I committed and before I sent the check to apply.  They said DO IT.

Same deal with getting a part time job – I’m pretty sure they say NO, DON’T.

Wow, doing this with money feels so much more primal, a sense of security and safety, but now I am feeling better.  (I hope)

This also tells me I need to make it more of a game and have more fun with it.

I am way too serious about this shit.

STOP.  This is all a game.  HAVE FUN WITH LIFE.

Have fun with this adventure.

I know, deep down, as I have been telling myself this as well — I know that this is a really good place to be in.  BE MORE IN THE WONDER.  HAVE MORE FUN AND LIGHTNESS!

Which makes me think to make videos about it…

But I question whether to still keep this silent.  I guess there’s some shame around it… having money / not having money, etc… hmmm…