November 14, 2012

I had huge expansion on Monday night.  It was the day I had the idea of my new event, “The Silly Stupid Event for Spiritual People Who Have Gotten Too Serious.” That evening I had some trouble settling down and sleeping because I was on such a high.

I’ve been in that high state before.  Elated.  Totally expanded.  Seeing all the possibilities.  It feels fantastic.

It’s been happening a lot lately.  As our Universe shifts.  The energy changes…. as we move into 2012 energy.  We are in it more and more these days.  The energy just feels totally different.  My experiences have been totally different.

But with almost every expansion, there’s contraction.  And man, did I have contraction the next day.  A bad fucking mood.  Like real bad.

First off I was tired.  When you’re tired, you should take it easy – and no or little work.  I did this, but I should have taken better care of myself.  Switched up my scenery to switch my mood.  And I tried this, but I was such a grouch all day.  Lots of things were in my mind bothering me.  Such noisy head chatter.  I haven’t had that in a long while.  It was overwhelming.

Again, I feel I should have recognized it.  Should have acted accordingly, comforting myself, but I didn’t succeed too well.  I just couldn’t settle down.  Too damn moody and upset.

And today’s a new day.  I’m sure it’ll be better.  I’m starting it off better.  I’m also going to tap in more and be more loving to myself.

That’s all what we can do when we have a down day.  Many up, a few down.  It’s somewhat normal when you are acclimating to new states of being.  But boy, oh boy, was yesterday terrible.