November 14, 2012

This feeling came over me yesterday.  Exhaustion.  I’ve had it before as well.  The swinging between the new world and the old world create this.  The leaving behind the old and welcoming in the new… way of being.

From my old self to the new self.  Higher vibration, manifesting super power, fully sharing my gifts and in my power.

I go back into my workaholic ways.  The feeling that I have to do it all.  The hustle bustle of entrepreneurship.

But then I am reminded.  Relax.

We’ll take care of this.

Go to the beach.

Take a sea salt bath.

Go get a massage.

Treat yourself to a nice meal out.

Read a book.




And that’s exactly what I’m going to do….

Right after I write one more post 🙂