May 30, 2013

Well again this has been in my mind for quite sometime.  A dull thought for a few years.

About how I had so much fun — how everyone had so much fun — at these sex type events I did in NYC.  It was a great girl’s night out — and still now, years later after that company has been shut down I would still receive emails from girls asking when I’m doing another class, how they loved it.

I loved providing those girls night out — very fun, lots of laughter, playful, full of good energy events.

And I used to ask myself — how can I make spirituality fun?  It’s not really fun.  It’s kind of on the serious side, that you’re thinking and healing and it gets heavy kind of easily.  You get so serious doing it.

Well, this is my gift!  HELLO!  I made sexuality events, which are taboo and make people feel uncomfortable — i made them very fun and lighthearted.  I’m the one who came up with that.  ME.  Again, that’s my gift.

So now this is the time for me to do this with spiritual events.  That’s what always bothered me about my teachings.  Or rather, about going out and teaching.  It wasn’t loads of fun as far as laughing and goofing around — and I like doing both of those.  I like playing.

And that’s what I’ve limited in my life since on this spiritual path.

So now I get to have fun.  I get to create all that fun, excitement, playfulness in the workshop, from on stage, in front of the crowd.

I get to come up with those ideas now.


This is the most thrilling thought.  Exciting, a bit nervous at times — but overall just so filled with exciting energy.

Oh g-d I am soo excited!  I am so up for this.  So up for the challenge, the playfulness, the excitement!! YES, YES, YES.  I’ve always wanted to do this… moving my daydreams… my future dreams for my life into the now.  I’ve been dreaming about these days – the days where I am living the life of my dreams.   HELL YEA!