April 30, 2013

Spirit has answered my call for the new type of students I’d like.  Spirit has cleared my slate — I now have a blank slate.  I’ve been noticing how I’ve been attracting students who were not ready for the work, who were afraid of the work, afraid of getting to know themselves better, and who didn’t do the work that was required.  I’ve noticed the pattern and now it is shifting.

Today and all days from here, I focus on the new type of students I am working with:

  • students who have expendable income to pay my fees
  • students who are eager about – and do the work
  • students who want to get to know themselves better
  • students who want to fall more deeply in love with themselves
  • students who want to live the life of their dreams
  • students who appreciate the help, healing, and guidance i provide
  • students who sing my praises
  • students who send more people my way
  • students who are happy to pay my fees and so grateful that i take them on as students
  • students who are proud of the work they are doing with me and on themselves
  • students who want to keep going deeper and deeper and want to see just how great life can get