May 28, 2013

This post should really be titled everyone’s life lessons are different.

But before I go into it I just want to say that this weekend (I’m still writing posts from when I was off the computer) – I had one of the worst dreams I’ve ever had.  I was standing up to, yelling at my mom and I felt in sheer terror.  Woke up in a terrible panic, thought something was wrong or about to happen to my heart.  It was crazy.  And then a cockroach seemed to manifest out of nowhere and jump in my bed.  Cockroach is about clearing out the old that no longer serves and survival.  I thought this was interesting because the night before I had that dream where I woke up and a bit ant was in my journal…  again, manifesting out of nowhere.

Incredible time we are in now, things manifesting so quickly.


So there’s this friend / healer / collegeau person who does her work by donation.

I find this interesting because it seems like she’s doing well doing this.

That’s what she says.  She says she’s making more money now than before.

So maybe this is the way for her to go.

I know it’s not the way for me.

This is why I found it interesting.  because maybe she has to learn different things that I do around money…. and if I tried it how wrong it would be for me.

She keeps saying that Spirit tells her to offer her work by donation.

Spirit tells me to charge.  And keep raising my rates.

I tried to do things by donation and it wasn’t sustaining and I was angry and then resentful.

Although the thing that strikes me as odd is that she always says “honor the work, donate” — but she’s not honoring her work by charging.

So I don’t know.

I just find it interesting.

The other thing here is that by donation most or many – or I hear that as free.

By donation is not free.  It’s by donation.  But again I think many people hear that as free.

So I think you have to deal with that… the whole explaining to people, getting them to change their mindset to understand that by donation is not free…

Oh well.