May 28, 2013

I was off the computer / mostly the last two days, but wrote updates in my journal, which I will now make posts and share here so you can see all that is going on and the process I’ve been going through.


It takes an enormous amount of energy to bring your divine mission to fruition.  There are times that you have to act.  Take enormous action.  Risks.  Big steps forward and the energy is there to support you.  Then there are other times when you must rest.  Like now.  On cycle has closed for me with the moving and releasing of items and now the full moon energy and eclipse.  Big closings.

I keep feeling tempted to just put my ex’s items out the door.  Release them.

There’s this attachment to them 🙁  because I know they can bring money.

I don’t know.  Feel torn what to do.

Besides I know if I put them out now they’d do no good.  My neighbor is not home, she’s taken my other stuff – I know she’d want this.

But then that goes into the pitying people when you donate… I’ll write more on this later.

So today and next – silence, retreat, nature, relax, write, think.  clear whatever remains.  Because when the energy picks up again I will be pitching and selling my TV idea and filming and creating.  And flying.  Flying fully, doing my love.  My divine mission.  More fully.  Yes