July 2, 2013

The trial ended early today and I wondered what to do.  GO TO THE BEACH!

Yea, okay.  That’s a good idea.  I made a salad and went.

I’ve been wanting to go 1x/week to the beach, since I will be leaving here soon – plus since I love swimming in it so much.

But the ocean has been rough, plus I’ve been pre-occupied — ENJOYING – the trial, so I haven’t been going.

Anyway, while there I had a talk with my guides.

Wanted to see if they’d give me anymore information about what is going on.

They gave me some more — but basically the same stuff.

They said, regarding money coming from source — that yes, I work, but there’s an understanding that Spirit pays me.  That I work for source.

I asked them if by covering the Zimmerman trial I was working for Spirit.

They said my tweets are for fun — my videos are serving.

I said, how am I serving Spirit if not many people are watching my videos.

I also told them how it’s a bit hard to talk to a mainstream crowd about these deep concepts, about wounding and perceptions.

They said, that’s why I’m practicing.  And that’s why they are protecting me.  Low numbers.

They said I will become much better and that people will love me.  What I have to say, etc.  That they will get it — and that it’s not about the numbers right now, it’s about how it is affecting the people who do watch my videos.

The way I’m relaying this conversation is a bit mixed up, since I didn’t write down notes as it was happening.

I confirmed with them again about whether or not I should be working on TV ideas or reaching out to execs and they said, practice BEE-ing.

(again, the chain of events here is a bit screwy, since again I didn’t have my notepad with me… although now I wish I did.  I’m trying not to bring a notepad everywhere I go) 🙂

And then right as they were saying practice beeing — or actually, it was at the time when they were talking about me working in tv — and how it was going to be like day and night the amount of visibility I will have.  I won’t know what happened.

I asked them, hoping, praying, it’s something good that happens that puts me in the spotlight (there’s slight fear it’ll be something bad… need to remove that fear)

They basically gave me the feeling to not worry.

That I am being protected now.

I told them they have been guiding and protecting me for a long time…

Then they said the thing about it being night and day how quickly it happens…

They said I am given the gift of being out there in an enlightened state and that many people don’t get that — they grow up in the spotlight.  I will still grow, of course, but overall I will be groomed when my work and I’m presented.  That that’s how I have to be when I am out there.

And then they were talking about practice bee-ing.

And I laughed…

And I saw something fidget in the sand and I laughed, thinking “is that a bee”

And I kept walking — and then looked back and said… no, it’s just a fly… and they said, no… look – and just then the thing flipped over and it was clearly a bee.

Very funny.  Divine sign.

Practice bee-ing and see what happens.

They said to me again.

Very clever.

And then I sat down and continued talking to them and they continued joking with me with the Bee-jokes/comments.

This is a time when you need to bee-lieve.  They said to me.

A time to just bee— and see what happens.

You’re going to have to trust.  Settle and beeeeee

(also I noted when I saw the bee, they were talking about my tv job and about getting big.. and the bee, again, is the promise of the impossible being possible… promise of fulfillment… and enjoying life — this last part seemed to be stressed today)

Your whole life is not to BEE focused on your job.  (the bee thing again – they kept emphasizing it, for laughter)

You are to enjoy your life and BEE and see what happens.

Be open to the possibilities.  Just BEE.

Oh man.  Okay, okay, I get it.

This should be interesting.

I don’t think I’ve ever just BEE’ed and was in the state of assuming — having the intention — focus that my dream would happen.

It’s an act of surrender.

Of trusting Spirit to handle it.

They said… you see Blaire, how you are handling this trial.  You see you are able to wake up early and be able to function throughout the whole day.

You have had a longstanding concern about your energy — and being drained — and not being able to keep up.

So these are good experiences for you, good lessons.

Keep appreciating what you are receiving from this time in your life — the Zimmerman trial and else wise, and BEE.

Okay, okay.  Gotcha.

So basically play… and BEE.


I came home and saw this tweet… I take it as confirmation, being (or shall I say.. BEE-ing) recognized.. and good things on their way.  Thank you!

I know you! You’re http://MARRYBLAIRE.COM  You r hilarious! Love Guru who had to go online to advertise for a man. Priceless!