May 7, 2013

So I just want to note here that although these things have been happening with my students, I still have made the decision to energetically support them.

Not to infinity, but just to close things out.

So with that student a couple of weeks ago, I told him what was going on with him a bit (and told him we could go into it further if he wanted) and held the space for him even when he got pissed off at what I said, plus the way I shared my boundary with him when he was acting in inappropriate / stalkerish ways.

Btw, I feel inclined to include that email here, again, so I can observe later my growth and so you can have a model of how I worked through this stuff.

This is what I wrote to him…

I see you are following where I post. Facebook is funny like that, nothing is private — yet x, it’s kind of strange for someone to follow your posts and comment on the same things that you do. You’ve done this a few times where I’ve posted and I want to let you know it makes me very uncomfortable.

I actually think I’ve already posted this in here….

Then today I could have totally ignored that girl’s email to me when she was triggered and asked for a refund. ¬†She unsubscribed from my mailing list as well and wrote this:

I feel fucked over by you and don’t want to have anything to do with that kind of energy.



Again, I could have cursed her out through email or in my head, but instead I responded the way I shared with you before.

Now again, I could have ignored both of these people.  Turned my back on them and been done with it, and again, many people would have done this.  But I made the conscious decision in both cases to still energetically support them.

Support them even though they were upset and hurting.  Support them even though they were no longer paying me.  No longer a client.

(I had emailed that first student the “trigger” video when I made it to provide some insights, which they totally didn’t understand what was said there… and that was clear when they replied in email to me again, but that’s okay… I was still there for them. ¬†I know both of them will be back)

But that’s not my intention — to get people back. ¬†It’s just to support. ¬†To close things out. ¬†To in a way, bless the energy as I am done with it.

I wanted to share that with you.

Closing things out “right”….