March 9, 2014

I love all this new information that has been coming to me because of this destined meeting with this fellow Warrior — and because I finally “submitted” into BEING.

I’m making a list of all the characteristics of Warriors, so I can put it on my web pages, flyers, etc – to shout out to fellow Warriors.

I keep thinking this is a very small portion of the population (this is my mind) and why is Spirit putting me into such a small corner — whereas Spirit keeps telling me there are A LOT of warriors out there.  So I have to trust that.

Spirit keeps telling me that the next time I see this guy I need to LISTEN to him more because he’s telling me things — about me — about warriors — about my work — and I’m sure more.

I think this Warrior Sparring goes on between some Warriors because we feel we are dominant, more powerful, “better than” much of the population.  We may not say it out loud — but we are thinking it.

This comes from two things he said to me yesterday.

1 – When he first sat down with me he said that most people he does not connect with, that they are surface level “stupid” — thinking about things and maybe doing things that he doesn’t care about.  Again, this is where I need to listen better, as Archangel Michael keeps telling me…

2 – I think this contributes to him thinking he’s better than people — because he doesn’t think about these surface level things, he cares about and thinks about much deeper things — like me.

Again, these are thoughts I have had / do have.

3 – The other thing is this — He said he can convince anyone of anything.

This has to do with persuasion — also manipulation.

I’m excellent at this too — and with these two things is a sinister, guilty feeling that comes along with it.  Like we are doing something wrong.  Something bad, by having this gift.

So this naturally makes you feel better than other people too — because you feel you can energetically dominate them because you can get them to do what you want them to do or think what you want them to think.

SIDE NOTE:  See this is where being a HEALED (or what I call AWAKENED) Warrior comes into place.  Because although this is your gift, your talent — you use it with integrity and for the good of all….

4 – So, here’s the deal — the reason Warriors Spar is because we don’t respect people we can energetically dominate.  There has to be some tension there.  Some back and forth.  Some challenge.  Which makes me think of my ex — who originally brought all this stuff out with me.  He got me so angry that my power came out this way — I HAD to speak up to him to SHUT HIM UP or he would totally have engulfed me, which many times I felt he had — and was killing me with his dominance.

So I will continue to think about this stuff and process it.

I love this stuff!!


I also love the powerful warrior I have become.


So proud of you Blaire.  Congrats, Warrior.