November 6, 2012

So I removed the sign up email newsletter boxes on my website.  I am going to re-organize some things on my website to show a resources page, so people can read my blog posts and articles or watch videos – it’ll all be on the website, rather than them signing up for my newsletter.

You see the tendency is – when we are moving things around – as well as following our intuition and doing something different, something that is out of the norm – is to go into this either / or thinking.

What I mean by that is the thoughts automatically go to….. well, if I have the email newsletter sign up box on my website then that means I will be successful.  If I take down the email newsletter then that means maybe I won’t.  Either / or.

Either successful or not.

Make sense?

And that’s fear speaking.

The fear that (sometimes) goes with going against the norm.

You see, I think it would be best if my email newsletter people were solely students that I have personal interaction with – or have had in the past.

I’m more private that way… and I feel that the email newsletter is a way that people get closer to me.

Now, again, most experts out there open their email newsletter list to everyone.

Everyone and anyone who signs up is good.  They want everyone on their list because it means they will be reaching more people and it means that they can keep in touch with more people and it means that they can “convert” more people.  Convert meaning turning prospects into paying clients/customers.

But I am doing it differently.  I don’t care to convert anyone into a paying client/student.  My feeling is that they want to work with me, do one of my programs or they don’t.

I know this in itself may sound a bit like black and white thinking 🙂

That they either want to work with me or they don’t…

Of course there may be grey area…. someone who’s not sure and maybe thinking about it… and in this case, then they can read the resources on my site and come back to my site if/when they remember me and need help.

I know this is a “different way” of doing things but I think it makes more sense to me.

It feels more in alignment with who I am and who I bring close…

Rather than sending out emails with the energy of… here’s what I’m doing… I’m so cool (or whatever the energy would be interpreted as)… and come join me.

Instead it’s more like… hey friend, you’re a student or past student… we have a connection and i’m keeping in touch here.

Hmm… I wonder if I even need to pay for a mailing list service anymore.

Yea, I’ll probably keep it.  Good to have and I still like it.

Okay, until next post 🙂

Speak to you then.