April 19, 2013

After I put out my video about my artwork I was invited to this ecstatic dance in the area.  Good one.  Funny.

I thought I might like something like this – and went to one many months ago, but it was totally weird and totally uncomfortable.

What was even more uncomfortable about it was that everyone seemed to be really, really into it.

So how is this different – my kind of dance — that I want to do with my students — from the awkward shit they do at some conferences (“everyone get up and take a dance break!”) – and this weird, uncomfortable ecstatic dance where everyone goes to a studio space, they put on some different type of music and everyone dances around one another for 2 hours.

Man, I’d rather just go to a club and dance there.  It’s much cooler.  Only problem, it goes on much later than I like to stay up these days.

So what makes all this stuff different than what I do and want to do more with my students?

Maybe because I direct people more?

Tell them to follow me in the weird move I’m doing?

Yea — maybe.

It’s more structured.

Structured stupidness.

Maybe because I tell my students that it’s totally weird and uncomfortable — and also that they’re NOT supposed to look good dancing.  They’re supposed to do stupid / silly moves.

Yea, maybe.

These other places people are trying to look good…

I don’t know right now.  This is something I’ve thought about before but thought I’d bring it up here since someone just invited me again…

I’ll let the answers come.