May 29, 2013

So for years I’ve had this vision to do my work as a show.  I see myself in a concert hall.  Dressed in a wedding gown.  Dressed in outrageous costumes.  Teaching my work.

I see people in the audience dressed up — in their wedding gowns too.

It’s a theme party.  Where you learn, and have fun manifesting.

So this means — what this means right now is that I need to start dressing up, outrageous and working in my teachings into some sort of show.

This is what I need to create now as well.

And then go out there and prepare to dazzle.

Put on a show.

This has never been done in spiritual teachings before.  But I want to do it.  I will do it.

But how?

Come on Blaire…. this is where you daydream and come up with it.

As you focus your attention on this, I’m sure your idea for the TV pitch will get clearer too!