May 29, 2013

So no coincidence that I saw this picture on Facebook a couple of days ago



I have always had a thing for fairytale theme.  I used it a lot with my Event Planning company in NYC.  I’ve been thinking about my costume for quite some time now.

But now rather than thinking about it and talking about it — it’s time for me to do it.

Dress in costume.

Yesterday I found some looks online that I really like.  They’re for little kids and I’d get them custom made for me.181329_492072724178000_2089647498_n 582502_492072767511329_403167909_n I LOVE THIS ONE – it’s crazy looking too 🙂


LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too!! Love the butterflyDSC_0115web2

Love this one too!hotpinkflowertutu2Yes, the feathers!

Ahh, love this one tooil_570xN.314827923 il_570xN.314946884 il_570xN.351817718

Ahh purple

Now these may look crazy on me.  But I keep thinking about them.

And yes, there’s a fear that I come dressed up — and then have a normal presentation — that has to be performance / entertainment too.

Years ago I was in Miami and couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful quinceanera gown – it’s what girls from Latin America celebrate, like a sweet 16 – and the dresses are absolutely breathtaking.

I remember one I saw, it stuck out to me — I wanted one.  Absolutely incredible.

So now is the time for me to release the fears about doing this.

Performance art.

Performance teaching.

Going big.


Need to let the fears go — step out of the daydream and now it’s time for it to be my reality.

Oh wow.  So exciting — it’s really so exciting.  Living out loud.  But also, oh my…. 🙂

PS:  So the other thing that goes with this is the desire / the attraction towards wearing a crown, a tiara, you know like they wear at Bridal Pageants.  Haha.  Yep.  outrageous I tell ya.  It makes me very excited but again, this is the transition time — very exciting, fun, a bit nervous — but definitely fun.  Need to just do it.  Have the balls, stand in my joy, stand in my vision and do it.  I know I will be supported.  I know it’ll go over great too.  Just have to do it 🙂