May 28, 2013

I started to wonder yesterday (this post is from yesterday) if I’m out of alignment for going for cheap haircuts and cheap massages if I’m charging what I do.

I think most marketing / sales internet marketing people would say yes, I am out of alignment.  If I want people to spend more, then I should spend more.  But it’s on what we value.

And I get a really good haircut and massage for the prices I pay.

Here’s the other thing.  I wonder if I should start dressing the part more.

You know, in every day life.  Dressing nicer.

It’s kind of hard to do that — no desire — since I am in my apartment most days and around here.  I walk around as a slob, cause really what’s the point of getting more dressed up?

But maybe there is a point.

The energy.  The energy of I look good, and cutesy, and wealthy.

A feeling of wealth.  You’re more likely to pay someone more money when they look more professional.

So should I start dressing the part every day?

I’ve never been one to dress up all the time.


And what about being that cool person who wears flip flops to appointments and is really a millionaire.

I remember that from my TV days.  There was this guy from LA – TV Exec who came out to NYC.  We were all dressed up in our NY wear.  And he was laid back, shorts and flip flops — and he was the one making the most money.  All casual.

Hmm.  I will continue to think about this.

It has to do with the energy.

Need to get back into that walking around with wealth feeling.

Do it more diligently.