March 27, 2013

I’ve been realizing lately that somewhere along the line I stopped dreaming.

Maybe blame it on my relationship with my ex — things got so bad that I was totally helpless, everything I tried and nothing worked.

Or maybe blame it on the years of dreaming about big fame and money, reaching loads of people, being celebrated as a teacher and healer, a tv personality, all these things and those things not happening.  After many years you’re bound to feel hopeless.

And although those dreams were still there, they got buried.

Hey, I know they’ll happen one day, no point in still dreaming about them, it’s frustrating… annoying… no point with all this time I dream about it and still it hasn’t happened.

So I noticed how I stopped dreaming.

How did I even notice this?

Because I’ve started dreaming again lately.  Plus the angels have been giving me messages to daydream plus then someone mentioned this to me yesterday.  How many signs do I need to start doing it again 🙂

It’s important for me to have that childlike wonder.

I think it’s important for all of us.. but because shit happens to us, we stop dreaming.

We give up

We become hopeless

Secretly we hope things will change, but they don’t — so we learn to deal with — live with this sort of crap life, that’s not soo bad, but not as good as we imagine.

I need to take more time to dream.

Dreaming is good.