February 25, 2014

I keep learning and keep being reminded to NOT mention your haters ever.

Don’t ever talk about them.

Don’t acknowledge them.

Go on as if they don’t even exist.

This is related to that full circle thing I mentioned the other day.

Before I used to avoid them.  Maybe even be scared of them.

Then I started fighting back at them.

And now I just don’t acknowledge them.

That’s it.

There were two incidents lately – real minor, but they reminded me – my guides that is – after each one of them to not even focus my energy on the “haters” for one minute of my time.  To not even spend one ounce of energy on them.

We have two irreplaceable commodities in our lives — time and energy.

So when you focus on your attention on the negative — even by saying one line on Twitter (like I did) …. one time last week I said x, y, z people had a hard on for me.  I was making a joke about them obsessively posting about me.

And then yesterday I posted how I find it funny when people call me the Hate Guru.

Well I ended up deleting both posts.

It’s not worth it.

Both posts attracted the hater or former hater to post under it.  And it made me think they felt redemption.  Like somehow they got my attention.  Like somehow they matter.

But they don’t.

So I now ignore.  And it’s not a hard based ignoring.  It’s just a thought of they don’t matter.  They’re not even on my radar.

So don’t ever post or say anything about the haters.  Ever.

It’s not worth it.  And like I said, both times I did it I got the clear message from my guides to not waste even an ounce of my energy focused on them.  That’s also how someone gets some of your energy — cause you are focusing on them.

So don’t.


I’m not.

I’ve stopped.  And hopefully I will remember the lesson for good 🙂

Thank you.


PS:  I’ve been dreaming of these yellow and green snakes back in January (I think the 3rd or 4th) — then the other night I had a yellow snake in my dream.  Well this morning a DEAD snake on my path showing his yellow underbelly.  Not completely sure what it means — but one thing I know is that it was in my dream and it manifested in the physical.  So it’s a great sign.

Squirrels came to me this morning too.  So I take that message for me to conserve my energy.  I had a big packing and moving day yesterday — and already today it’s started out that way too as I’m guided to sell my COUCH!! WOOHOO this is so exciting.  And also my guides are urging me to make an eye doctor appointment cause I need eye glasses to drive on my trip 🙂  So it’s key that I watch where I put my attention — and that’s related to what I just shared with you in this post.  YES!

BTW, Squirrel is not always that “conserve your energy” message — it just happens to be for me when I see them, since they are very still when they come with a message for me.  Long story…. 🙂 but wanted to make sure I didn’t let you think that’s always the message 🙂