May 14, 2013

I’m doing my relationship with my new collegeau / tv exec differently.

In the past, and usually, I would send an email after I got off the phone with a “big wig” and write a thank you note.

I would say something professional as well as energy wise probably gush over how I would be so honored to work with them / for them to give me an opportunity.  Again, I wouldn’t write that but I’m sure energy wise it would come through like that.. maybe. Who knows.  🙂

But this time, no follow up email.

It’s not needed.  This is a partnership.  We equally “need” one another.  I would be bringing him money and opportunities.  I am of value.  And my energy is fantastic.  My passion.  We were talking about my website — and I was saying something like, I didn’t do anything to make that go viral… but that’s not true — come on Blaire, it was YOUR PASSION!!




That’s what did it.


So that’s all the stuff I’d be bringing to our project, shall we decide it’s a good match.  We’re still learning about one another.

Like a dating relationship.  You have a chat.  It’s a good vibe, you have another chat.  Getting to know one another.  Seeing how one another’s energy plays out.

He told me he’d like to speak again.

Said Friday — but then said, probably Friday and said something about his schedule.

He told me he’d get back to me on Thursday or Friday to let me know what time is good for him.  Then he said a very low maybe.

Hmm, oh – kay….

So we just see how it goes.

Just like we wait for a guy to call us (or a girl, or whatever / our date) — I wait to see when he emails to set up something.

If he’s respectful and plans, and emails me on Thursday for plans to chat on Friday.  Or if he emails on Friday for Friday (totally last minute and not good)

And if he emails at all.  Of course there’s a possibility that he doesn’t.

So I just chill out.  Think positive.  And take care of the stuff in my business that I have to.  And I have things to do… still getting ready for this expo and there’s more to do than I anticipated 🙂  But all fun stuff!  I’ve REALLY BEEN ENJOYING MY LIFE THESE DAYS!

So in the meantime I don’t stalk him on Facebook (like some “dates” may) — I don’t see what he’s up to.  I don’t google his name like crazy (like some “dates” may) — I connect with myself.  Journal about insights of what my soul wants.

And boy have I been getting insights.  This has actually grown much bigger!

Will tell you about it…. 🙂

And this is very interesting to me.  And it’s been clear guidance to do it this way.

I’ve also received guidance to pause more and hear what ideas he has with this relationship.  What ideas he has for shows.

It’s playing with the energy.  Knowing my value.

An even energy exchange.  Back and forth.

This is happening for me no matter what, it’s just a question of whether we’re a perfect match or not 🙂  So until then, no need to guess, psychic predict, or get nutty about it… I just do my thing here, I’m happy and life has been so fun these days, totally in the flow, and I see what he does.  Time will tell, it always does.  You just get to know someone that way….



What a fabulous time of my life!!!


PS:  This song was playing in my ear on and off today!

I can see clearly now – Jimmy Cliff