June 14, 2013

Last night I was thinking about how much I liked the turtle walk event and how I missed doing things.  Many things.

Going to the beach.  I stopped doing that because I am trying to conserve gas / money.

Picking up food.

From chipotle’s, chinese, and on and on…. I miss my special food.

I miss going to the zoo and butterfly world and doing these events.

And I prayed to g-d to bring me more money each month so I can start doing these things again.

I want to live a fuller life.

A wealthier life.

I have done this poor thing and I want to make money now.

I want to do more of the things I enjoy and yes, they all cost money.

I want to start picking up food at places I like again – -and yes, again, this is money.

I pray to bring me more money now.  I want to live again.

Also lately I’ve been really sad about living far from the beach (it’s really just a 10 minute or less drive) but I miss walking there and I want that experience back again.

I pray for that too….

Not sure what to do about all these things…. just been feeling really sad at times with the limitation of funds.