May 15, 2013

The other way I’m doing things differently with this new relationship… which I know that could sound like a dating relationship, but realize I am at a point that I am conscious of every relationship I am developing these days.  I think I wrote about this several months back… (not sure)

But yes, I am conscious of every relationship I develop now.  How it’s created, etc.

So the other guidance I got from Spirit is to “not dating anyone else.”

Again, funny… not a dating relationship with the tv exec, but this again reminds me of the lessons I learned from and the Spiritual Way To Attract The One — and that’s to focus on one relationship / one date at a time.

So not to date many people, you focus on one person.

So although there was initially a tendency or desire or just unconscious / automatic programming to start contacting other people in TV, the message was to slow down, wait.  See how it goes with this guy.  Focus my energy on one person at a time.

So I am.


I’ll see how it pans out and go from there.

On another note, but related, very cool things have been happening to me with numbers.  I have been sharing with you how numbers have been everywhere guiding me, which I haven’t been posting about them so much here… just because they continue and it’s not as new as it was before….

But now it’s been happening in a new way — in addition to seeing the numbers when I’m out in the environment — it’s been happening with items I go to buy.

Two days ago I went to the supermarket for a few items and the bill rang up to $11.88 – that was awesome.

I thought that was pretty cool — but then today, went to Whole Foods to pick up a few items as well and guess what?  The amount totaled up to $11.88 again!

How cool is that!

And on top of that, when I got in my car from the beach it was 11:44AM.  Haha!  Awesome, I love it!

Besides all that – 777s and 999s have been following me and still those 555 🙂

I’m starting to have my own meaning / understanding of what these numbers mean.

I interpreted both of these 1’s in a very positive way.  As fulfillment.

1 fulfillment — with 88 money.

1 fulfillment / connection / alignment — with 44 angels.

I also read that 11 means balance between work and play.  I will write about that in the next post cause it’s really awesome!