April 5, 2013

The other thing that dawned on me as I was walking to teach yesterday was a deeper understanding of how Spirit has been protecting me when it comes to my teaching and who shows up.

Let me explain.

Well, for many months – YEARS since i’ve been down here sharing my gift.  Being afraid at times, timid, scared, worried, and also, yes not in the mood… I’ve been annoyed that Spirit is not bringing this all together for me.

Other people step on their paths and I see them blast off.  Supported by Spirit.

Now I’ve been supported by Spirit but financially it hasn’t mostly been from me.

It’s been from gifts I received from others.  Parents, my ex.

Sure, I would make money.  But there would always be money coming in from them (got money from our wedding)

My ex supported me financially for most of the time we were together.

So I would get annoyed when I would do events and not many people would show up.  Anywhere from 1-6 people.  And I’ve blogged about that on here so you know about it.

And I would have meetings with Spirit.  Many times where I was frustrated with them.  This is my gift, right?  Then why is no one coming?  Why am I not attracting people?

And this is what dawned on me the other day when walking out to my beach gathering and then while speaking at my beach gathering.

I have been divinely protected.

Why haven’t lots of people been coming?

Well, first off my brand if you want to call it that… I think it’s more of what I’ve been teaching has changed so much.  That’s one thing.

So when you are changing so rapidly it’s hard to draw a crowd because all your energy is not focused, you’re not really sure what you’re teaching, you’re going with the flow.

Secondly, and this has come to me before — for the ideas I have of what I want to do — like channel, which holy cow, last beach gathering was a deeper type of channeling that I was doing, it was incredible.  I was calling myself by name, like “Blaire does this..” it was a bit freaky and so incredible.

So the channeling.  No agenda, just showing up and letting Spirit teach through me.  Well that I would have NOT felt comfortable doing around a lot of people.  I AM SO THANKFUL THERE WERE ONLY A FEW, and again, sometimes just 1 person there.

Other things that come to my mind to do — are Native American ceremonies.  Different types of grounding things.  MOVEMENT ideas.  Lots of stuff that would be considered “weird” and that I never saw myself doing — but now I want to do, I feel guided to do – and again, would have NEVER done if more people were there.

This would have been a great injustice.  And again, sooo grateful that only a few were there.

THEN THIRDLY, and this is a huge one is that SPIRIT HAS BEEN PROTECTING ME with who shows up.

Providing people who have an open mind.  Who are loving and who are ready to rise with me.

Those who are critical, close minded, who would have given me a hard time, or tried to take me down or whatever were kept away.

Also, I think those with lower vibration were kept away.

Those who came helped me develop as a teacher / healer in front of groups.

And look at me now.

Last beach gathering was so easy, so effortless, and so great.  And I love how I was getting the messages of how it’s all coming together now.  I truly believe that things will grow now — well they’ve always been growing, but now to expand with people I teach.  I feel I will be drawing a crowd now.

(and man, I hope I am right because I am posting this now and it would be embarrassing, maybe, if people still don’t come)  hehe.

It just felt so fantastic.

Knowing I am doing good.  Knowing I am prepared.  Knowing it is all happening.

THANK YOU ANGELS, GUIDES, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Fairies, Ancestors.  Thank you to all of you for DIVINELY PROTECTING ME.

Also, my psychic gifts have gone deeper this week.

I’ve stepped into more of my power.