May 28, 2013

There’s this lady in my complex that I was friendly with.  Kind of.  She kept telling me about wanting to hang out with me socially.  I didn’t see her like that.  I saw her as someone I can help.

Then I saw her as someone I could maybe be friends with… discounted my true feelings and thoughts (again)

And another situation where I thought, don’t be so picky, let people in.


Well, since she started complaining to me the other day when I asked her to come to the singles expo with me.  Which was a very nice thing I did by the way — she wasn’t even grateful, just in her worry and fear about the event…

And since when she called me that day to complain about her mom and tell me she couldn’t attend with me — which was a good thing, and since I cut her off in a cheery voice and said see you around….

I haven’t seen her around.

Which has been great.

Again, there is no coincidence here with the disconnect.

I happened to see her the other night, and again real brief said HI and kept walking.  She had that vibe too.  This was good.

And then the next day I was at the pool.  Ends up she was there too.  I didn’t notice her at first.  But when I arrived I noticed she got up not long after and left.

This is good.  I was thinking in my mind what to say to her if she wanted to come over and chit chat… I had work to do.

But this is good.  I’m thankful she got up and left and I’m thankful our energies are going different ways.

Not sure if she’s avoiding me or if she’s just picking up on the energy — us going in different directions.

I no longer want to be around people who are downers and complainers like that.  I have no tolerance for it.  That was the realization I came to that day when I asked her about the Singles Expo and now I’m seeing the effect in real life.  Attracting new people now… Nice.  Amazing.  Interesting.