April 10, 2013 – I posted this on my Facebook page today and wanted to share it with you.

If you’re used to hiding yourself… if you’re used to playing it small, it’s something you have to keep an eye on, be conscious of for awhile until you finally release that and step into the new you.


This has been something I’ve had to work through.  Stopping the hiding, stopping the playing small, stopping the being embarrassed of being myself, and not shining my light.


We get these messages from the time we are very small, to tone it down, not be so loud, not be so curious / not ask so many questions, and so on.


I recently noticed a way this was sneaking up on me.  How I was still doing this with something related to work (I cleared this “playing small and hiding” out of my family relationships and friend relationships, and for sometime now Spirit has been helping me clear this out of my business.


My work is very powerful.  Changes happen very quickly for my clients.  They will be suffering with something their whole life — 30, 40, 50, 60 years – and then when they start to work with me, their life starts to turn around immediately and by the 2 month mark they are at a place where they get to decide if they want to go deeper or if they want to take a rest with healing for a month to acclimate to their new them.


It took me awhile to recognize this about my gift.  To accept it and really be proud of it that I would actually say it to people and be confident about it.  Up until this point I have been very quiet about this.  How the changes happen so quickly and so dramatically and how these changes effect every area of their life / every area gets better.


I started telling people that I met (over the last several months) that when people work with me changes happen really quick.  But I noticed that people who go from wanting to work with me, being interested – to being deathly afraid.


I would feel it in their energy and I noticed how they would stop moving ahead on their spiritual path with me.  Why?  Well, of course they may have all of a sudden decided that they didn’t like me, but really it’s because they got afraid.


Afraid that their lives could really change that quick.  That they could really get what they said they wanted.  So what did I do?  After several months of having these conversations, I started… what?… yes, you may have guessed it… I started dimming my light again.


I started playing my down my gifts.  I stopped coming across as passionate.  I stopped tooting my own horn and bring proud of who I was and this gift I have been given.  I started to shrink again.


I didn’t want others to feel bad.  I didn’t want them to be scared by their fears.  I wanted to help them and I knew I could, so if that meant I shrunk, wasn’t as enthusiastic about my healing gifts then that’s what I did.  I became silent.  I recently noticed that I started doing this again.


My old pattern of shrinking and playing it small.  My old pattern of pulling back on my enthusiasm, my passion, and my love for what I do — in order to make others feel better.


Since this realization, I have been changing the way I work and who I accept as a student.  If I see they need extra hand-holding, if they are afraid of stepping up and going for more… if they are not hungry and pushing for those changes themselves, then I let them go.  I let them out of my awareness and I wish them the best.  They are not a match for me.


Being in the healing field, being a healer, does not mean that we have to dim our lights in order to help others.  I am allowed to be powerful, passionate and be proud of the work I do.  Powerful, passionate and proud about who I am.


This is not about me helping my students become empowered, while I take a step down.  This is about us both rising to the top!  www.loveguru.net