March 8, 2014

So Spirit connected me with a fellow warrior – thank you.

I love my warriors and I’ve been asking that they connect me with more of them.

This warrior is one who is seeking more learning, guidance, and healing.  Yep, he’s a potential student.

So this is where I think this post is going to turn into a two-parter.  There’s two key things that I want to talk about with this interaction.

The first thing is this — remember the totem animal of guinea pig.  That meaning was a sign that people who are likeminded are going to start being brought to me.


And that’s what I desire.

This was the guy who I passed yesterday that Spirit told me that I should speak to him — spend time with him (people) — and teach them.


Simply BE.

Remember that post 🙂

That all started from seeing this guy yesterday and him asking about my dog and dog stroller.  I knew he wanted to talk more.

Well today I sat down at the pool with my dog — and there he was again.

I recognized him right away — and when he was getting up to leave he kept looking over and started walking over.  I’m not sure what he was going to do or say, but I spoke first.

Asked him if he was the guy from yesterday — and we got into a conversation.

So the first thing that comes to mind here is…. Is he going to be a student of mine?

Now, I already consider him a student — but the question goes deeper, will he be a PAYING student?

Will he start working with me one on one?

This I wonder about.


Well, this is the question about destiny.

In the past I met people who were seeking — who wanted healing and help — and as that saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” — well I appeared, I was available to be their teacher and they either came once and that was it — or didn’t pursue it.

So when it comes to destiny…

Was I reading the signs wrong?

Was it that they weren’t really ready?

Or was it that they chose free will and they decided not to move forward in their healing…

Or was that the way the interaction was supposed to go… .that I was supposed to plant the seed for their healing work later on?

Actually as I write this out now the thought comes to me — our interaction was supposed to be exactly as it was meant to be.

Yes to destiny.

I have always been confused as to if they didn’t pursue their healing — when they were supposed to.

But now I am reminded on how all that rejection I received was actually a great teaching for me.

It made me go deeper into myself — and yes, it worked out the way it was supposed to.

They weren’t supposed to continue.  Or they weren’t supposed to continue with me.  Or they weren’t supposed to continue with me at that time…. and I was supposed to feel rejected, etc… because because of all of that I went deeper into me and realized I’m a warrior — and that’s how all my videos and coverage of all this racial tension / trials started.

Hmm… this destiny vs free will continues to be a mystery to me.

The more I get into my spiritual studies the more I think that it’s all destiny.  Every single bit of it is already perfectly mapped out.  I think free will may be completely an illusion.