March 8, 2014

Okay, so here’s the big thing for me to learn these days.

This guy I met today — the fellow warrior I spoke about in the previous post — well this is what he said to me today…

“I just read your body language — you’re afraid of losing control — destiny — you may be selling it but you ain’t buying it”

Something like that….

He calls it body language, I call it psychic ability.  This is new to him yet he’s using it….

In any event, for this post, it’s not important to go into those details — what’s important is he hit the nail right on the head.

The question of Destiny that I’ve been playing with for months in my mind…


Actually, it’s something I’ve been playing with for years (since the experience with my ex, Twin Flame  — that only just came back in my mind this last month.

I used to think about it a lot when I was with my Twin Flame — the thought that if he had only done his spiritual healing work that we could still be together….

But then on the other hand I think there was no way we were meant to be or ever were going to.

Which now in thinking about it (and this changes from moment to moment about this topic), when I visited him one last time in England, he had done some spiritual growth — but it wasn’t enough, wasn’t fast enough, and we weren’t aligned anymore.  I had healed past the point of being with him… so that’s free will (possibly) of him learning — and us still not being aligned.

Here’s the deal.

As I look back over my successes over the years — and yes, I’m still playing around with this list (and assignment Spirit gave me) — I see how everything was mapped out so perfectly.  I question why I had to stress or push so hard at times — since it all happened wonderfully.

But that also makes me think that if I wasn’t frustrated at times or pushed to succeed that would I have succeeded like I did?

The whole topic is so confusing to me and all that guy I met did was serve to agitate it more.  I was trying to not think about it 🙂 and he brought it to my awareness again.

I will tell you one thing that I KNOW — and that is in order for me to reach the heights in my career that I want — in order for me to get to the next level, I need to SUBMIT — SURRENDER — to DESTINY.

I can’t logically think of how to get to the next level and Spirit keeps telling me to BE rather than do.

So maybe we have free will on certain things…. maybe only minor things?

Or maybe we have free will on how fast we learn certain lessons?

How fast we advance…?

And also maybe we get to a certain level in our ascension / spiritual expansion that we go from FREE WILL to DESTINY?

It’s sort of how I feel with life now — that my life is not my own, that I am here to serve humanity.

Maybe it’s the same deal — that my life is no longer free will — that now it’s surrendering to my destiny?

I see how this is something I need to learn and/or come to peace with… BECAUSE a lot of what I talk about these days is doing your divine mission.

And divine mission comes hand in hand with the belief of destiny.  That you’re destined for greatness.

Oh gosh, I’m signing off — I can’t figure it out and I need to just take a shower and possibly cry.  The whole thing makes me quite emotional.  Weird, I know 🙂

Also, just saw my second CCC license plate of today or yesterday / today.

I can’t remember if I saw the other CCC license plate earlier today or if it was yesterday — but either way, I saw twice in a matter of 8-24 hours two license plates that started with “CCC”

Actually I think it was this morning on my way to my massage.

I said to myself — what are the odds of a license plate starting with CCC

And then when I was just walking Magic another CCC license plate.

I don’t know if it was the same car on the road… but either way, that’s very unusual — and the fact that I paid attention to it — was drawn to it this morning too.

So CCC — what does that mean?

Yes, yes, yes.

And more so — See — See — See

So angels, guides, ascended masters, archangels, what am I not seeing?

This also relates to me being able to see again — how I just got glasses and new contacts to SEE in the world.  No more blurry.

So actually I think it’s just a confirmation that it’s time for me to see the truth.

See the world.

See myself.

See my destiny.

See, see, see.