January 30, 2013

I woke up feeling happy and full of life.  Excited and blessed to be writing my book and all these good things happening in my life.

The lady who wants to be my agent came to mind.  I’m not going to sign with her.

I think her most recent letter was full of shit and that was the impression I got from her a month ago, as well as a month before that when she requested my material and I ran out to send it to her right away — only to hear back from her a month later that she was JUST then going to go through my packet and read it.


No way.  I deserve better.

Just recently in personal relationships and now in business relationships I see how I am raising the bar.

Rather than accepting everyone and looking past what everyone says or does… cause after all its a good quality to be understanding and loving and forgiving, right?

I’m being sarcastic.  I let this rule my life and it was the way I operated, yet it was the thought process that always got me upset, disappointed and frustrated in my relationships.

So for the last two days I was reminded of a recent message I got from the angels – I deserve better.  I sometimes settle for things that aren’t good enough because I don’t think I deserve better.

But I do deserve better.

And I am holding that energy and sticking to it in my personal as well as professional relationships.  It feels really good to rule people out, eliminate them.. to have DISCERNMENT and to CHOOSE MYSELF FIRST.. and to HONOR MYSELF AND MY DESIRES… and HONOR what I bring to the table, because if I’m bringing something dynamic in business and personal, then it’s only right that I get that from people back.


Love it 🙂
Thank you!


PS:  Just as I hit “publish” on this post I got such a nice surprise in my inbox.  You see yesterday I was going to sign up for meetup again, but then decided to wait until all the details were confirmed with the owner of the place where I’m holding it.

Same deal as I was just writing.  Let me hold to high standards.  It’s a win-win for both of us, and let me ask for what I want as far as support for the event from him.  Again, it’s a win-win for both of us.  Now in the past, I would have quickly sent a contract or done the event and not asked for what I desired as far as promotion and deal… this time it’s different.  I’m more settled, grounded and sure of myself.  Yes, thank you for this.

Well, I just got a beautiful sign and gift from the Universe to keep continuing.  Got this in my inbox right after I clicked “publish” on this earlier part of the post.

We really want to see your group become a reality. So, to help you get started, Meetup is offering you 50% off your first payment.

Wow.  Thank you!  All these messages for me to go forward with this group.  Thank you!  And thank you for the 50% off, I will gladly accept it. 🙂


PSS:  I asked and thanked Spirit for gifts this morning.  Look at them, so sweet, they are already surprising me with gifts and it’s not even 8AM 🙂