June 27, 2013

So today it came to me — a better understanding of anger and resentment.

You see, we’re brought up to believe that the world is limited.  That people and opportunities are not abundant.

So therefore, people come into our lives — and we get upset when they are not as we want them to be.  We don’t (well, I’ll speak for myself) let them be as they are… or we don’t want to see it.

So like with this tv exec.. the limited belief is that he’s in my life… he’s the “ticket” to my dreams coming true… and although I don’t like that he doesn’t write back, I still go along with putting myself out there, selling myself short with our relationship — because he’s all I got.

I don’t like this… but again, he’s all I got.  It’s a limited view.

Same deal with relationships.  With my ex.  This is a very basic view of this.  But he was my ticket to get married.  To travel around.  To have security — and I wanted that.  And there were things I didn’t like.  Things about him.  But I looked past them.  Because I thought — again, a limited view — he was the best it would be… (not consciously I didn’t get this at this time and I loved him and there was strong karma between us, etc) — again, this is simplified.

So we continue in these relationships that are not giving us all we desire because we believe it was rare that I found this person.. .. they’re good — not perfect, but then again who is… and we overlook things.

But there’s this anger there.

Why can’t you do this?  Why can’t you be like this?

The anger because we have that attachment to how they should act.

Rather than having discernment and an abundant mindset — and being like… I’m not really drawn to the way that person behaves.. it’s not the ideal relationship for me… and another person will come along who is better.

We’re not taught to be like that.

We’re taught to make due with what comes our way.

We’re taught that our dreams are too big — and probably not practical anyway.

So we settle… we’re therefore not treated the way we want to be… and that’s where the anger comes into play.

That person didn’t write me back… that person didn’t do this.. I’m mad about it.. (anger) —- but I HAVE TO overlook it cause it is rare that I attracted this person (limited view) — and they are nice (settling) — and maybe it’s the best that is out there (and then resentment builds, because you are accepting behavior and/or sticking around behavior that you don’t like)

The anger happens because we are ATTACHED to the person and their behavior.

But if we have the mindset that there are a million other people out there that will help me with my TV plans… then we really don’t care what that one person does or doesn’t do — because they are replaceable.  A dime a dozen.

And so on.

You get it?

I’m getting it at a deeper today and that’s very cool.