April 12, 2013

Okay – so here’s what I’m doing.  I feel a bit bad for writing about this so much, it’s been something I’ve been struggling with, obviously – and you’ll most likely deal with something similar to this.  When you’re refining how your gift works and getting busier, you end up changing the way you work with people and that’s bound to cause some hiccups.


Spirit told me to relax and to be lead through this transition.  So many worries (444 now, how great) surrounding this, worries about offending the student, hurting their feelings, not working through this “correctly” etc.

I was able to clear out most of the fears and hear Spirit better.  They said, do the celebration ceremony NOW.  Next session.  Start it off like that.

Work through the phone since this is more comfortable for me right now, for what we are working on.

Do the celebration ceremony.  Then be open to clear up any concerns and things with helping them stay at this current level of awareness.

The student should be in this mindframe as well — not digging up new areas — and be there to support over the next few sessions.  One of those will be a spiritual healing session, possibly.

And then the sessions will be concluded.

This is all the work of finding “True Self”

I’m going to have to think about (later) how to rework my programs to be able to tie these things up in a more graceful way so I don’t go through these feelings again, although I know this was a learning experience — although I have noticed this with other students, them being finished, yet me feeling obligated to continue sessions.

One program has to do with True Self, the other stuff that I am unsure whether to bring up or not – – is deeper Relationship work.  Having to do with family of origin and intimate relationships.

This is not part of this program.  I want the program intentions to be separate.

Now I understand why Spirit had me create a different page the other day for “True Self Program” – and then this will be something different having to do with blocks in intimate relationships.

Of course there is overlap, but I want the student to have a clear feeling / celebration and relief when they clear something — before they move onto the next.

Not sure if this makes sense to you, but it’s making sense to me.

I will honor all the sessions this time, be there to support over the next few sessions — and in the future I will work differently.

This is good, real good.

Wow, what a LONG journey this has been.  Emotional several days — just it sitting on my mind, which is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.  Interesting.