May 30, 2013

Of course I don’t need to know this answer right now.  But I am wondering about it.  So I am posting it here.

Do I start promoting this website, and making the current posts available / the behind the scenes stuff available now.

Or do I wait until I get my TV show and then let them start the adventure from the beginning?

I think I am leaning more towards, wait.

Let it all come at once.

But why?

I could use the money now.

Yea, but that’s not a good reason — although it sounds like a good reason.

Because it’s going to be a bit complicated, maybe to start someone in the adventure where you are — and block out that other stuff.  A lot of back end stuff.  Not good.  More time consuming.  Possibly really time consuming.

But people do like reading the journey as you are going through it.

BUT this stuff is still very much raw and personal to you right now.  So maybe better to just get some space between now and then.

Let your story unfold a bit more, get more distance, feel in a place that you are happy making money doing what you love — you know, making a lot of money doing what you love — and then offer this.

My concern would be that if people start reading your journey now, where you are right now, that you wouldn’t share as honestly.  You would hold back and not process all you need to.  And look at what a beautiful place it has taken you.

You are in such a magical place now that you wouldn’t have gotten too if you were censoring all the frustration and anger you felt towards people doing your business the way you were.

Look at how beautifully everything evolved?

So thank you all my Spirit Friends, my angels, guides, AM, AA, ancestors, thank you all of you guys… you were protecting me, again.  Allowing me to get to this place.  Thank you!!

Feeling a lot of love.