February 20, 2013

Debbie Ford died two days ago.  I was very surprised.  I knew she had cancer, but I thought she was in recovery.  I guess she didn’t want anyone to know she was still suffering… that she was dying.

This is a huge thing.  I see it as a passing of the torch, making room — for me.

I truly believe, I KNOW I am in this next generation of teachers and healers.

I know it is my time.  I know the time is now.  I feel this and know this with all of my being.

It’s incredible, for something you’ve KNOWN your whole life, something you’ve been dreaming about your whole life and working towards your whole life — is here.

This is my time.  I feel she’ll be helping me from the other side.  I am open to her assistance – definitely.

Rest in peace Debbie.  Thank you for your great contribution to this world.  Bless you.