June 29, 2013

So I deactivated my Facebook account — yet again.  What happened this time?

Well, I was 1 — looking through and saw that someone I know was in a car accident.  I guess they are planning on suing the person who hit them or the insurance company (who knows) — and someone posted on their Facebook page that they should deactivate their account because insurance agents will be looking through trying to find something incriminating / something to tarnish their character with the judge/jury/who knows.

That just disturbed me.  Yet again, we see what people are posting being used against them.  People spying on others, what the post on Facebook and again it sits real uneasy for people to be viewing what I post on Facebook.

The 2nd thing was — I saw some people who I know on Facebook, who I wasn’t friends with, but know of them through Facebook and again the distaste came over me.  These fake friendships.  People reading all about my everyday happenings when I don’t even know them or don’t even like them in real life.

So off Facebook went again.

I would take down Twitter too, but I can’t — because if you deactivate that, they just delete it within 30 days.  Oh, okay — that’s a good point.  I can deactivate it and if I don’t go back on in 30 days they’ll just delete it.  Which by then I won’t need it anyway.

I don’t know.  I’m leaving it.

So here we go again.

Again the unease seems to be around being uncomfortable with someone using your posts out of context and using it against you — plus posting / hanging out with people online that I don’t know or like.

The whole thing is just so fucking weird.  What was the reason why I reactivated it again?

Uck.  Please let me learn my lesson through this.

PS:  There was another recent incident where one of Zimmerman’s lawyers took a picture of eating icecream with his daughters during the lunch break from court and the daughter labeled it some things that people thought was tasteless.  More shit from social media…

Oh, did I mention people were using Twitter against one of the witnesses on the Zimmerman case to talk about her character, underage driving, and overall ignorance and stupidity.  Yep, more reasons why just getting off there is best.