March 15, 2014

I’ve gotten into some dark shit with my research of the NWO, Illuminati.

I don’t know how much I can write right here because I am still processing it all.  I have been processing for days now.

It started off as innocent, the information I was finding.

Well, not so innocent.  Corruption.  But I could handle it.

But it’s just gone to another level. Yesterday is did… or maybe the day before.

Interestingly enough — whether related or not — yesterday there was a dead butterfly along my path, at the bottom of the staircase I take in the morning.

I bumped into that dead butterfly twice.

I’ve been used to seeing dead lizards and thinking they were a good totem, but this dead butterfly’s meaning seems to escape me.


Transmutation, Dance of Joy

The butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color.
It is the symbol of the soul.

They remind us that life is a dance,
not to take things quite so seriously.
They also remind us to get up and move.
Dance brings the sweetness of life.

So maybe it’s a message not to take this info I have discovered so seriously.

But the butterfly was dead — so this has to do with something about an end of a cycle or a change of a cycle… or something else, again I’m not so sure.

My dreams have been a bit weird lately too.

Like a different level of dreaming.  This week I dreamed of viewing my favorite spiritual teacher (from years ago) and it ended up she was living one of my parallel lives.

That’s how this all started.  I had that dream about parallel lives — something that has interested me for a long time but I’ve never done any research on it mostly because I haven’t been able to find any.

And Spirit has been telling me to ask them — that they’ll tell me.

And then somehow from there I was brought into researching the Illuminati — stumbled upon Illuminati symbolism and control of Hollywood — found myself totally in non-belief about it, confused by it, not finding anyone to explain it.

Til finally figuring out — at least some of it to a different level —

Hearing this interview — or actually several videos about the Illuminati and cloning centers, and Vril Lizards, and then this ritualistic abuse, sexual abuse and so on.

It’s really dark shit

And now today, Spirit is sharing with me cannibalism in the Illuminati

The whole thing is so crazy, so out there, so hard to process — scary — dark — and yes, I believe it all to be true.

I have a million Internet tabs open on my computer.  The research never ends.  It just gets weirder and darker and darker.

I keep praying…

Spirit keeps telling me they are showing me this “not to scare me, but to inform me, enlighten me, educate me”

Like the same shit I tell to my viewers with my videos 🙂


How funny.  Not.

I’m going to walk outside.  Step away from it all.

It’s like this Illuminati went from being sweet and innocent — not really, but again, tolerable — to totally outrageous and Satanic.

I never use that word – Satanic.

But I do understand that dark forces prevail.

Deep breaths.

I haven’t been this “in shock” scared feeling since I started the Zimmerman trial videos and was getting a lot of hate emails / posts / calls from black people.

So I guess I’m onto something good. Of course there’s light here — and Spirit keeps saying to me… Blaire you bring your light to the dark…so here you go.

But what am I to do here?

Reform the Illuminati? (this is our conversation)

Well Blaire, do you think these people like being evil?  Do you think they like the dark forces that have taken over them?

Yea — but I don’t handle this shit.  This other spiritual teacher/healer that always creeped me out, does.  That was her specialty.

Well, Blaire – she’s a warrior like you are.  You can handle it and you are safe.  And this is the world you are entering into, so you need to be informed of what to look for and what to avoid.

A dark force has taken over our world.  Over our government, over our legal system, over Hollywood. What do you think you are always talking about?  That is of dark force.  People who are of sound mind don’t let their soul get taken over. They don’t let their soul be corrupted.  But this is a choice everyone gets to make when they are “inducted” or rather “initiated” (notice the word, you just recently initiated one of your students — but the energy and the intention was completely different)

When people are “initiated” into Hollywood, let’s say… they have a choice.  Get the fame, money, power — and be controlled…. and sell their soul.

Or stay in the light, keep to their morals and rise that way.

But guess what Blaire?  As you know there’s no way to rise when the system is corrupt.

Blaire there was no coincidence that you read that article today about THE VOICE subjecting their contestants to psychological tests, etc and they can reveal this on to the public. This is for control.  You also know what a TV contract looks like.  You know how it is. You have to sign it or you do NOT get the opportunity.  That is how people get into these systems.  They are subtle. One by one, they agree to more things, because the success — the fame — the money — the power is so enticing.  You know all of this, you’ve experienced it.  And it’s human nature.  When it’s something you want so bad — it’s hard to say NO and stick to your moral grounds.

But times are changing and it’s time to switch up the system.

You are part of the solution.

The evolution.

The revolution.

That article they are talking about with the VOICE is here:

My video from today

My video from yesterday