June 15, 2013

I’ve been wanting to write this for about a week now but haven’t gotten around to comment on this.

Criticism online.

There seems to be a lot of this going on.  I’m not feelin’ it.

Last week — or maybe it was two weeks ago now, I noticed this blogger girl who writes about healthy living and raw food, who also has over 100,000 followers (!) on Facebook has some major criticism on her blog posts.

It was ridiculous.

She posted this fantastic post about how to eat organic on a budget.  The post had so much information is was ridiculous.  And wonderful.  But within the post there were many affiliate links put in there.  So basically if you click on one of the suggestions and purchase something she gets a kickback.

I don’t have a problem with this, but then again I wasn’t in store for purchasing anything — although a few weeks back she recommended a deodorant, which again I knew she was getting a kick back and I didn’t care.  The deodorant is all natural and really good.  It works.  So I’m happy and she made maybe $2 from my purchase?  Who knows.  Maybe she gets a flat rate for promoting them? Who cares.

Well, this person and then several others went off on her – that is she recommending good stuff or just for kickbacks (ok, valid point) — and they were overall so ticked off for the affiliate links.  There were some people who stood up for her, she does this all for “free” – she has bills to pay, it’s her time, it’s her career…

Yes, I agree.

But it was amazing to me to see the amount of nastiness going on.

This just confirmed to me again of people are assholes — and screw it.  This was before I got off Facebook… but here’s the deal.  People are going to criticize, that will happen no matter what on Facebook or others… but I don’t need to be reading that on my page all the time.  It just blew it all for me.  Here’s this lady who I personally think is great, really knowledgeable, sharing wonderful information and she still has haters…

I “knew” this logically — but seeing it all across her blog took it to a different level of understanding and just giving up with it.  Or something like that.  Just not worth the time / effort….



On another note, yesterday I watched the movie Mommie Dearest.  It’s an old time movie about the daughter of Joan Crawford (famous American actor) and how she abused her daughter.  What I found interesting about it was that she wrote this book (the daughter) about her abuse… and it became her life work (kind of)…  she went around talking about her experience.

I found this really interesting, since some of the stuff I’m going to be coming out with I’ve been worried or concerned or hesitant about because it exposes relationship patterns in families…. some things that I think would make my parents and ex feel bad… and it’s been holding me back, in a way… sometimes.

And here I just happened to think of this movie (interestingly enough my mom says that saying a lot, “mommie dearest” referring jokingly and sarcastically to her mom…. well this whole thing was interesting…)

My mom lead me straight to something that really intrigued me because it has so much overlap (as far as the message or maybe shaming or shunning or exposing parent’s behavior)

This is universal, so it’s not like my parents or your parents are anything out of the ordinary.

But anyway, it was very interesting to me.

The lady came out with a book…. that was then turned into a movie.

I see the same thing happening for me.

Oh, and yes, online people were criticizing this woman too – saying on how she should just get over it.. that it’s been many years later… and why is she still talking about the abuse.

So there’s that criticism again….

But then I also saw people who appreciated her sharing her story and it brought healing to them.

So there you go.