May 5, 2013

Wow!  I had a fantastic weekend.  A totally creative week as well.  I LOVE IT!

My senses have come alive.  I am really in full flow with universal energy.  I LOVE IT!!!

This week I made Shrimp Paella, Banana Nut Bread — then this weekend Chicken Marsala, Crab Cakes, and Peach Melba.

I feel like I made something else, but I guess that’s plenty 🙂

Ohh yes, the other item was Stracciatella soup.  That was a first for me too!

All of those recipes were new to me except Banana Nut Bread and so proud of myself.  It’s been so much fun.

Then my artwork has really blossomed.  Last week I made the turtle (or it may have been two weeks ago) — and then today the LION.

I also made this manifestation sign for my bathroom mirror to remind me of my new morning routine.

It’s fantastic.

So I’m writing songs again… singing…. cooking so much… and doing loads of artwork.  My weekend was so awesome and I had SO MUCH FUN!

I love it — and this, to me is a RICH LIFE.

I’m surrounded with my artwork – – I’m eating fantastic meals, which always, always make me feel nourished, loved and rich.  Thank you!!

THANK YOU!  Thank you!

I always wanted to be this person and now here I am.  This is my habit.  This is my life.


And I feel this also came along when I released that other student, grew through the things I had to by working with them and also making the decision and commitment to myself that I am no longer working with students on the weekends.

Ohh, yea — that’s a new “boundary” as well. AWESOME!  I love my weekends and it’s a great opportunity for me to RELAX AND ENJOY when all week I am so focused and gung ho on business.

How fantastic!  And yes, cleared through that fear of students working during the week and needing to do sessions during the weekends — no, that’s not needed.  They can find times during the week.  Others have done so before and now new ones can too.  I need — and deserve — time to myself as well — and two days in a row, when the energy is more relaxed in the world, on the weekends is just the ticket

(I used to justify it in the past saying I could take any days off.. but the energy is SOOO different and MORE RELAXED on the weekends, that I deserve to be in that space too… rather than working and servicing my students.)  NICE!  So happy about all the changes!