June 8, 2013

So when I was watching Wendy’s show the other day — her YouTube clips, my guides said to me to create a show that I would love to watch, one I would love to do.

You see, for her, she’s into celebrity gossip and fashion.  I don’t really care about either of those things.

So let me do this exercise.  Let me write out elements of the show that I would like to host.  Things that are really me….

They would be….

Talking about relationships.  Something about healing relationship patterns.  Finding one’s true self and/or relationships with others.

Something about spirituality.

Something about animals.  I love learning and being around animals.

Something about the environment.

Something about gardening.  Growing your own food.

Maybe something about cooking?

Something about health and nutrition, I know so much about this, studied it for years and continue to study

Something about psychic-ness.  Psychic development.

Something about reality tv shows.  I love reality tv… well at least I used to, when I used to have a tv and watch it 🙂

Something about working out.  I don’t do it soo much anymore, but I still do enjoy muscles and pushing my body… depending on what mood I’m in.

Maybe something about art. Artwork / drawing… maybe just being creative in general.

Something about living a life of luxury?

Something about learning about different cultures, relationships and/or cultural norms.

Something about seashelling or crystal digging?  I think this falls into environment category.

Something about being in nature (falls into animals and environment category)

This would be me.  I would have to write out more to flesh this out, but I think that would be the type of show I’d really enjoy watching and doing each day! 🙂

Love how my guides are preparing me for all of this!

Giving me exercises just like I give (they give through me) my students exercises.

Love that I am being personally guided by them at this time.  Totally get to soak in my own creation.