May 18, 2013

Lately the message has been that I am learning to CREATE money rather than to just make it.

I’m not 100% sure as to what that means, but I think it has to do with using my manifestation skills.

The love in my heart.  The passion in my soul for what I do to CREATE money.

Not just about receiving money from the Universe for random things or unexpected sources, but to be able to create money doing what I love.

Doing the Love Guru.

Creating money from my passions.  From my talents.  From my gifts.

This expo feels like it’s going to be significant for me tomorrow.

I’ve been feeling it for weeks now.  A few times I thought that maybe I wouldn’t do it… but Spirit kept telling me YES, do it.

Now I feel — I’m hoping — I’ve been setting up the energy – the expectancy to make lots of money there, have a lot of fun, meet and sign on new students, and really shine my light — doing what I love.

I think the best move I’ve made with my business is making it an in person business.

I don’t know why for so long I was doing things online.

Screw that.  Weird and funny – cause it never made me happy… yet I continued, I guess cause I saw so many other people doing it?  I’m not sure.  That was a time in my life… to hide.

Ahh, that’s one thing this expo is doing for me.

It’s me coming out.

Being seen.

Being known.

I have confidence when I’m interacting with people… seeing people.  Feeling people…. (their energy) – face to face.

But somehow I had to go on this journey of “losing myself” — and then “finding” myself, because when I was on my own, in my own dark shadows, making assumptions about people, projecting “my stuff” onto them, etc… working with people only online.  Facebook and other shit.  It was a sad, confused time.  A time of low self esteem.  A lost time.  An unknown time.

I don’t regret that.

I needed to find my own gifts and one can only do that… I think… when they are alone.

I needed that time to go within.

And I did that.  Now I am going out.

Ahh, thank you.  I am blessed.