April 23, 2013

As I stepped out of my shower it dawned on me — I’ve been creating, then waiting… and that’s not manifesting much.

I have been sending out a load of queries… and then I say, okay, I’ll wait and see who responds.

I’d stop sending queries.  Stop the outflow.  Stop the creating.

I’d go into waiting.

And waiting doesn’t manifest.  Waiting is passive.

The outflow has to stay consistent.  Keep flowing.  Keep moving in the direction you want to go.


Cause you want to keep manifesting.  Creating your life.

So when I or you do a bunch of blog posts, and then stop to see a reaction.  That’s waiting.

When I or you do a bunch of videos and then stop to see what good comes from it.  That’s waiting.


And we are meant to be active beings.  Creating beings. Manifesting beings.


This gives me something new to think about.

And that’s what I’ll do.. I need to think about this a bunch more.

Cause then I’m comparing it to receiving.  But receiving is different than waiting.




Thank you