June 8, 2013

I went out to walk Magic and also what dawned on me about this insane boredom – which I already knew but temporarily forgot to write about — is that it’s time for me to come up with ideas of what I would do with my life.

Creating this new vision.

Because my life is done with all the learning and growth and healing.

Of course there will be times when I go back to hit the books or to clear something up, but things clear really fast for me these days — they have been for over a year now, so that also leaves a lot of time.  No more obsessive study and healing.

I have space.

So what do I want to do with my life?

How do I want to create it?

I asked myself this when I was outside walking and I said, I could go to the zoo.

And Spirit was like — no.  That’s what you normally do.

What else?

And this is what I will spend my time thinking about today.

How do I want to create my new life?

What do I want to do with my time?

What would be A LOT OF FUN?  Rather than solitude and interesting… self reflective?

What would be laughter, and smiles, and FUN?

Good question 🙂