June 14, 2013

Since today I had no idea what to do to step forward with my TV career, since I am done with research and writing my treatment and in the phase that I need to talk to people about this idea and make connections — and make it happen….

I decided to go to the dog rescue.

Walk the dogs.

This has been something in my mind to do for MONTHS now.  I signed up to volunteer what feels like a year ago…. I went to orientation.  I tried to go twice, but both times it was raining and they weren’t allowing the dogs to go out cause they didn’t want them to get sick with the cold inside and being wet from outdoors… so I had to go home.

And then for awhile I was thinking, I’m not going to go since I should be focusing on my business.

Then lately the excuse was money.  Paying for gas to go volunteer.

But since Spirit has been nudging me to go… today I finally decided to listen.

And I had such a fun time.  I went for 2 hours.  It was so nice hanging out with the dogs.  Such a fun thing for me.  I made a whole bunch of friends, dogs that is, and got lots of hugs and kisses and played around with them.

It was so much fun.  I can’t say it enough.

And yes I talked to some humans there too, but that’s not the emphasis and people are like me that are there, they don’t really bother with people (haha, that sounds funny) — but they’re all focused on the dogs and there’s interaction with people, but it’s not all in your face with a million questions, pushy, etc like it could be at other places where humans are just there interacting with one another.

So I liked it very much.

And then I went home, did 2 hours of work on my Couples Intimacy Program which is something I’m creating which is really great.  I love how it’s turning out.  And then I sent that email that I was just talking about in the last post to the TV exec.  Again, I hope something works out there.

So I’ll go again to walk the dogs.

Maybe this weekend?

Maybe this week?

It’s really fun.

And when I was driving home — I was like, there’s the ticket.  That’s what I love doing.  Hanging out with animals.  I get to play with them, enjoy their company, plus do something good since they don’t get to spend much time with people, and then also practice my animal communication skills.  They all had different energy and different things to share.

It was a lot of fun.  A lot, a lot of fun!

So that’s what this is all about these days.  Being off Facebook.  Getting a “life” — building out the facades of my life.

Doing all different things.

I have the copywriting job.

I’m doing my TV job (well….)

Creating programs for my company.

Visiting turtles (I keep thinking of what kind of job can I get there)

Volunteering with the dogs (again, I think how many jobs can I have, mon) – lol, from In Living Color TV Show.  “How many jobs you have, mon”

I want to have many.

I really, really like it.  What a great life that is.  Doing all these fun, inspiring things that come so naturally, are a lot of fun, super easy and did I say FUN!!?

I welcome in more jobs, mon 🙂

Natural talents and gifts, getting paid great money for it.

Yes.  Thank you!