June 13, 2013

So my new job – I think it’s part time, but it’s still a bit unclear cause it’s freelance, so the amount of hours I work there will vary.  I think I’m going to make a lot of money doing it.  That’s what I’m expecting at least.

So pretty funny and kind of random that this is the job that ended up coming through and working out for me, right?


Something I’ve had so many issues with over the years.  Years ago I studied copyrighting and I thought it was so scammy.  These long ass sales pages that no one reads, so much reading and manipulation.  But you see people using them.

And I applied some of that to my event planning business — just the part about having a flashing headline and it actually worked real well.  I felt fine by using that because it was a fun event, very in your face laughing and sexual – -lap dancing classes, blow job classes — goofy classes, rowdy classes.

But I had major concerns using it when my business turned more spiritual.  When I started doing Love Guru.  Although I did try it with some emails and it did get me sign ups for this bootcamp I was doing.

So okay, now we have two incidents where it worked for me.

Well anyway, they forwarded me material to study or review.  I’ve seen / read a lot of it before, but I’m looking forward to this position.

Yes the money.

And yes the experience writing copy.  Because now my confidence will go up with this, a place where I’ve felt real insecure about before.  And I see myself fixing over my website after and actually during it.  Giving it a face lift.

Bringing more of that flashy energy — more in your face energy — cause that’s what I feel I’m moving towards.

So first off, so grateful for this job, cause I needed one.

Then second off, so grateful that this is the job that uses my natural gifts and I’m getting paid for it.

That’s what I’ve been praying for… see how it came in a different form?  Very interesting.

So I think it’s important to really acknowledge and appreciate all of that, so I am and I do as often as it comes to my mind…

And it makes me feel good to know that I’m going to be writing copy for “heavy hitters” of the sales/marketing arena, internet marketers who I know are making a lot of money — well, at least they say they are — and I’ll feel confidence seeing and knowing that what I’m writing is working for them — so it’ll work for me too.

Something strange happened to me when I stepped into this spiritual business.  I became more shy, quiet, intimidated, self conscious.  I’m still not sure what that’s about.  I guess just not trusting myself and being afraid.

And I was always afraid of being too much in people’s faces to scare them off.

I was always afraid of this.  Of saying something wrong… for people were coming across as so shy and sensitive and it seemed like if I said the littlest thing off that they would get upset or be mad at me or not show up at an event again.  This always bothered me and concerned me.

But now I see how I’m moving into this place of ME.  MORE ME.  More confidence, more in your face, more passion, and now over the next few months you’ll see (along with me) how this changes on my website and in my career.  AWESOME.  THANK YOU!!! Happy for these changes!!