May 13, 2013

So the idea that’s been in my mind lately — after connecting with Jamie Kennedy through Twitter and learning that he dated Jennifer Love Hewitt (I’m not up on the Celebrity Gossip) — and on his twitter page there’s a quote, which I think is meant to be a joke, that his latest Comedy Show split them up (he was promoting the DVD on his page)

And then

I watched this GREAT documentary by Katy Perry on her life called Part of Me (something like that) and it was fantastic also and showed a bit about her breakup with Russell Brand (how sad)

And again, the thought keeps coming to my mind…

How about I’m the Love Guru / healer / spiritual teacher to the stars?

Everything confidential.

I fly out to where they are performing, etc and give them guidance and healings.

So many of these celebrities are so focused on their careers that they probably haven’t gotten any education on relationships.

The Love Guru – giving Hollywood celebrities their fairytale endings.

Or The Love Guru… giving Hollywood relationships their fairytale endings.

Oh g-d, I love that!

I love this vision!! LOVE IT!  It’s what I dream about these days… (as in the last week or two since I had the idea… and it keeps getting clearer) 🙂