May 8, 2013

Another part of having an abundant mindset is NOT checking in on your progress all the time.  That means with psychics, that means with your guides.  Stop asking how you are doing and if things will be coming to fruition.

This was something that I was doing.  I’ve been having a hard time controlling myself.

It all comes down to trust.

This checking in shows insecurity.

It shows the Universe that you have no faith.

It shows yourself that you have no faith in yourself.

Your dreams.

Your goals.

The work you are putting into it.

This is something I am praying about — to increase trust and patience.  The knowingness that I will be okay, that finances will be okay, that my business and my life will be okay.

Like I said it’s just an insecurity thing, an anxiety thing… and I’m aware this is one of the issues, and am working on it now 🙂