July 7, 2013

I’m going to get to those comments from the last post, but felt guided to write on this first.

I have heard in a bunch of different videos how the gov’t has an agenda to rule us.  To take over.  Take our power by taking our power.

Screwing up our food supply.  GMOs, crap in products.  Montesanto.

Chemtrails.  Poison being sprayed in the air.

Again, all of this presented as they are out to get us…. big companies taking over.

But I don’t see it like that anymore.  Well, maybe.  There’s two things here.

1 — Let’s look at their side.  Maybe they don’t realize they are doing something “wrong” — and then we have that since they are the ones in power, then what they say goes.

2 – Then there’s the “bullying” that goes on with spiritual people / aware people… writing blogs about them… signing petitions… talking about them.

When people talk about it even keeled, then this can be a discussion, rather than an attack.

I see how people / leaders do this effectively.

I will apply this to my presentations w/this issue.  Clear out the emotion.

So how is this different — this bullying — than what is happening in Zimmerman trial?

How is it different that the disgusting posts on YouTube and Twitter — responses to me — and my comments to them..

It’s not.

It’s an attack.

One bullying the other.

So how does it end?  How does change come about?

Maybe Montesanto and GMO companies don’t think they are doing anything wrong.. maybe they are just trying to fix the food supply?

Well, research, logical thinking — people don’t want that.  We’ve found out ill effects.

It’s what the majority wants is what happens… we as a people are getting stronger.

So here we have black people who feel they’ve been profiled again, targeted again, and shot down again.

Which yes all happened.  I’m saying profiled and targeted as anyone looking suspicious.  I’m suspicious of many people I see at night when I’m walking my dog, and this is all colors….races… different outfits.

So people get emotional and they are allowed to stand up for themselves.

And they won’t stop.  And again, why would they, if they think they are right?

Spiritual / awakened people think they are right about Montesanto and GMO and vaccines and all these other things… and we keep going.

It’s about peaceful protest.


Non-emotional logic — explaining to people’s minds.


So let them do what they want.  Let them speak out… that’s fine.

I think now at this point, I don’t like the name calling.  I don’t think the black community on Twitter and YouTube who reply to posts are doing it peacefully — they are doing it angry and cruel.

Okay — so the spiritual thing is to say, don’t judge.

Let them do it how they want to do it.  There’s a lot of fear they are putting out into the world….

Okay, don’t pay attention to it.  Don’t feed the fear.

Explain through my videos.  Educate.  Bring logic.  That appeals to more educated people, who control the media, who control the world.

The uneducated people who are on Twitter and Youtube will have to learn sooner or latter that the way they are heard is through logic, speaking educated, reasoning.  Sharing their points that way — just as that black man replied on my Facebook page.