February 24, 2013

Conserving my energy and using my energy wisely.

I notice how some of my students, as well as family members, and some just general business colleagues will try to waste my time.  This is not intentional, this is just who they are.  They’re anxiety.  They’re untrusting issues.  They’re not tapping into their intuition to guide them.  So as a result I get a lot of emails when I don’t want or need them.

Now initially I went into my old patterning, answering everything, getting back to everyone right away, OVER explaining things.

But I’m watching this now.  This is another level of awareness, because I simply can’t do it anymore.  I won’t do it anymore.

I need to conserve my energy — I need to watch it and I need to use it for things I want to manifest.

The way I am now –  using my energy — or rather MISusing it to take care and soothe other people’s anxieties and wounding, I’m not having the necessary energy needed to bring my big dreams into life.

This is what Spirit has been working with me on this last week or so.  Cutting back on other people’s needs (which funny, cause I thought this was already taken care of) but I also see how this is another level of the awakening.  Everything in the right place, step by step.

There are other things I need to take care of with my energy– and I need this energy, so I’m watching it.  Being conscious of it.  Not scattering it or catering to others like I have been.  It’s not much, or at least I didn’t think… but it’s too much according to Spirit, I need to use it for myself — which in turn is for others, as it gives me the ability to reach more people — and i need that.

Very cool.  I gladly accept this lesson and guidance.