March 30, 2013

These days I’m really conscious about opening my email.  I have to check in with myself — are you ready?  Do you have energy?  Or are you tired?  Or focused on doing something else?  Does something else need to be done?

There used to be days, not long ago I’d sit with my email open.  Constantly pressing send / receive as a way to give me something to do.  A time waster.

But these days there are emails that come in from new students and new opportunities.  People who need me to respond, people who I want to respond to, but I only want to open my email when I am able to respond… with the energy and focus.

And these days I have many things to do.  Many projects I am working on, so it’s important that I focus my energy and that I conserve my energy.

I like this way of being much better.  It’s more disciplined.  More focused.  There’s still a learning curve since it’s still new to me, but I like it.  I feel like it saves my time as well.