March 16, 2014

I notice how my totems come to me in the morning to bless my day. Today’s totem is the Cardinal red bird. It is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

Here’s what it means:

Several things stick out to me, many things actually.  About the cycle of power,  They remind us that regardless of the time of day or year, we always have opportunity to renew our own vitality and recognize the importance of our own life roles.  In the case of the cardinal, the female joins in on the whistling, which is unusual among birds. This reflects that we should be listening to the inner voice (the feminine) more closely for our own health and well-being. Since most female birds usually are quiet and camouflaged, a cardinal totem almost always reflects a need to assert the feminine aspects of creativity and intuition more strongly.

These birds are named for the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, with their bright red robes. If it is your totem, it may reflect past-life connections with the church, or even a reviving of more traditional religious beliefs, regardless of denomination.

Cardinals brighten the environment. They catch the eye and add color to our lives. When they appear as a totem, they do so to remind us to become like them. Add color to your life, and remember that everything you do is of importance.



Okay, now on to what I really want to talk about with this post.  I’m started connecting the dots with my guides this morning and thought it was important that I document the info here for your benefit and learning.

So these celebrities have Illuminati tattoos because they are part of the Illuminati?

Yes, that is correct.

So can you tell me how this all works?

You see Blaire, the Illuminati (or as you have been learning, FreeMasons, these words are synonymous) are not an evil club as many make them out to be.

The videos you watch on the Internet paint them out to be these Sadistic group of bastards and this is not true.

All of these things are very subtle. The indoctrination into this group is very subtle. They put forth their agenda very subtly and it’s a step by step – over years – process.  Let’s go into details.

Months ago you met a man that was involved with these people.  He mentioned to you how he knows these celebrities and how he is involved – doing business – with these powerful companies.  He told you about how certain high powered companies meet and how they discuss their marketing strategies and team themselves up with celebrities to deliver their messages.

Remember when you were talking to this guy and he was sharing this with you you said, oh man, so this stuff really does exist.  Well this is true.  Now this is no different than lower level firms partnering up to make an impact.  No difference at all and this in itself is not sinister.  Everyone wants success. Everyone wants to get ahead. Everyone wants power.  (We forgot to mention money, but you know this goes hand in hand)

The difference here is this — as people rise in power — as they have more power, they need to carry more light.  And these people generally do not.

You keep calling them wounded or unhealed, we will simply call them human.

They are human.

Now not like you are any less human than them, but you have worked to a certain extent to transcend yourself.

(Breathe, take that in… we know that’s a new word we are using to describe you, but it is true, so take a moment and breathe it in, you can handle knowing that now and besides you knew it before it just wasn’t conscious. So give yourself a minute… stop. typing.) 🙂

Transcending yourself in simple definition means to put the good of all over what you desire in this world.  It’s a firm commitment to what is right and a not doing what is wrong. We congratulate you for this. This has always been your nature so you don’t see the value in this, but this is a very different way of being the world than most are.

So let’s get back to this.

Let’s take Coca Cola for example.

They may be at this meeting.  They may want to advance their profit and their success. This is fair enough, again, nothing wrong with it.

BUT they have received the reports just like you and the rest of the public has about aspartame being bad for humans, as well as GMOS — and here’s the difference — they still carry on.  This is the error in thinking. This is where profit is put before what is right.  And as you know, this is wrong.

Now this man said to you that he sees you coming into place with this “internet universe” (you know what we mean but we will keep this as anonymous as we can for the readers to not single this man out).

He spoke about how he sees you coming into play here. How you could be a big part in this internet universe, but he didn’t know how just now.

Through his words he was hinting at making you powerful, wealthy, successful.

This was enticing. (PS:  This is enticing to any and everyone)

And this Blaire is how it happens with celebrities.  You asked us and we are telling you.  It is very subtle this initiation, this mind control, this power indoctrination.

They are establishing themselves as all mighty powerful — and you (as in celebrity or just you) are like, yes, please, make all my dreams come true.

And remember (my guides are smiling as I write this) how you kept on saying to this man, are you G-d? do you think you’re G-d? it sounds like you are G-d. And you even started joking with him calling him G-d (and his name)

But he is NOT G-d.  There is only one all mighty G-d and it is not him. So he can pretend to be as powerful as his ego tells him he is, but he is not.  And we have shown that to you Blaire because months have gone by and you have seen – – and so has he — how he is not able to “hook you up” on your TV dreams like he was so confident and self-assured that he would be able to.  Remember he gave you the look and tried to betray the feeling that he had this all wrapped up… that it was in the bag.  Well, clearly it was not.

So this was a wonderful lesson for you and for him, amongst the many lessons you learned from one another — but now you see, when these people promise you the world, when they say they are the all-mighty, they are not. So you don’t sell out, you don’t “sell your soul” as people say, you stay true to us, to G-d, to YOU.  (thank you so much! now i get it!)

So this is how it happens with the celebrities.

The come in and meet with an exec.

Are promised fame, money, success.  They are promised that all their dreams will come true — and that these men will make it happen — and they do.

So as they are being given “rewards” — like “surprise” their song is played on the radio all the time… and then “surprise” their album is a best seller…. and then “surprise” all this money and accolades come rolling in, well these things all come with a prize.


But these people are smart and they realize and that’s why they end up getting so fucked up on drugs because they are trying to cope — they are trying to forget — they are trying to escape — they are trying to survive (and stay alive).

So these execs, the “real” Illuminati – because although these celebrities think they are in the Illuminati, that they are part of the upper tier of society, they are not — they are not IN the group, they are being USED by the group.

So these execs may say — well, in this video we want you to do this or to do that… and that may be doing something sexual – or portraying some sort of scenario — like Katy Perry’s Dark Horse/Black Magic song.  They may strongly encourage that this is the song she will do and this is how she will do it.

But this is what I don’t get — because aren’t there stylists and choreographers and designers that come up with these ideas —

Yes, that is all true, but they are all in meetings with these execs and these execs tell them to be creative surrounding a certain theme, thing, they want them to do.

So the creative ideas are coming from the creative people — but these execs are planting seeds of what they want — leading them in a direction — and there you go, these creative people, this artist thinks that it’s THEIR idea when actually they were strongly directed by the exec on how to go with the song, what song to sing, and how to portray it in the video or on stage.  Again, it’s all VERY SUBTLE.

And there’s no escaping it. Because these people are INDEBTED to these execs because they MADE them.

They’ll then control through fear — “I don’t know if you should do that song like that, it won’t sell….” — “We need you to do another best seller… so why don’t you do it like this or do this sort of theme, or dress sexy like Britney” — again, that is just an example, but you get the idea.  It is all suggestive talk.  All about power.  All about subtlety.  And there are many conversations molding them to be the celebrities they want them to be.  And then when they are done with them — these celebrities don’t even recognize themselves — who they are or what they stood for — because they have been so molded… in other words, they have sold their soul.

That’s why you hear that so much… because they know what’s going on… they just don’t see a way to escape it — because again the life is so good with fame, money, recognition, power.  They don’t know another way to live, they don’t know another way to be, it’s a cycle — and at the core, again, the main thing that keeps them there — is their LOVE OF THEIR DREAM.  They are living their dream and they can’t let this go, they don’t want to – and nor should they, but the system is so corrupted, that the popularity is so rigged and they play one off the other to further get them under their control, it’s really hard to step out of it once you are out of it.  There really would be no way — they would be saying goodbye to it all and they can’t do that.  They won’t do that. The life is too good.  It’s a vicious cycle.

So can we get back to this man for a second, because you were telling me about him and I’d like it documented here and explore what else you have to say about that.


So that man does have the ability to invite you to parties so you can meet these people (as he says) — but your power scares him.  It’s your mission – because he can see it – scares him.

He knows that what you see at these parties, you will report.  You will expose.  And he doesn’t want that for you, for him, or for his people.

The way he works is he is trying to change the system — by being in the system. So he sees the dysfunction, he sees the corruption, but he doesn’t speak up about it. He let’s it be.  He thinks he is there – solely – to help change the system, the people — and that he’s doing just fine.

But he knows you are more abrupt than him. You have a different style and you would blast the lid off of all of it. This scares him.

So let’s take the Coke example from above. He may be in a meeting with these people – and he may know about the toxic chemicals in Coke, but he would not say a word.  #1) he likes being amongst the powerful #2) he likes being powerful #3) he likes feeling like an elite, rubbing elbows with the wealthiest of wealth #4) he wants to stay there  #5) he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

So you see — this is the pattern of all that are around this. They like what they have and they overlook what they don’t like.  They are informed, maybe their loved ones are informed, so they let it be.  They keep track of it. Monitor it, but don’t speak out about it — due to fear, fear of loss, they like their life.

Again, there is nothing wrong with this per say. This is the human condition. But this is a problem with having alliances with people who are not likeminded, because many times they end up corrupting what is valuable to you.  And then it gets too far into the relationship, and you get comfortable, and etc, etc, you are there. Stuck, with nothing to do.

So it’s better off you are not around this man.  That he didn’t bring you in this way, because you saw how you were already feeling indebted to him (or sorts) you were seeing how there was power plays.  Control issues.  Subtleties.

You connect with G-d. You connect with us.  We make you rise.  And you stick to your guns.   Literally (?).  You stand your high moral ground because it is what is right and it is what is needed to shift this world into something pure, honest, and right.

We are complete.


Wow.  This went in a different direction than I was expecting. Interesting. Very interesting. Makes me happy and proud. A deeper understanding too. Glad I wrote this down. Wow.