January 5, 2013

I’m not really sure why I feel confusion these days when I start thinking about what I’m teaching and the direction of my career.

Actually, I do know why.. or at least this is what I can assume since it’s happened in the past like this…

It happens when you are in transition.

Switching out of one way of being and doing things and moving into another.

You’ve seen some of the questions I’ve had in that last post.

Today I feel just lost.  Lost in thoughts if I go there…. but I’m not going to.

I’m going to clean up my home more, I feel I am always doing this 🙂 these days.

Cleaning the energy and clearing it of stuff.  Making room for the new.

I feel my life is going to pick up soon and that I’m going to be busier so that means  – well actually I should say, I feel – I need more space.  Free space.  Clear space.  To let the energy just flow.

What am I to be teaching?

Why do I feel lost?

Do I continue with this Violence theme?

Why am I even doing it?

I’m doing it…cause it was guided.  But why does it seem so weird to me?

I have no idea…

Transition time…. yummy.  Fun.  This is all perfectly normal. 🙂